Vacant positions

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3rd ENGINEER is required to join a Fast Crew Boat in beginning of July 2017. Rotation - 4 weeks on / 4 weeks off. Location - Western Europe. Accommodation arranged on shore. Good command in English. To apply...
Company: DEME
Posted: 06-Jun-2017
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APPRENTICE ENGINEER is required to join Belgian flag vessel in July 2017. Duration of contract - 6 months. Diploma from Naval Academy or Technical University Varna is required. Candidates must have good...
Company: Euronav
Posted: 03-May-2017
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WELDER is required to join a dredger vessel in May 2017. Duration of contract - 8 weeks on / 8 weeks off. Attractive salary. Previous experience in welding is required. Possession of A/B or Motorman ...
Company: DEME
Posted: 21-Apr-2017
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STEWARD is required to join offshore supply vessel in beginning of June 2017. Rotation schedule: 8 weeks on / 4 weeks off. Attractive salary. Previous seagoing experience as steward is a must....
Company: DEME
Posted: 19-Apr-2017