EURONAV is a vertically integrated ship-owner, operator and ship-manager providing complete shipping services to its fleet of modern large tankers. Most of the vessels are operated within the Euronav managed Tankers International pool. In 2015 Euronav will take delivery of the last two of the 19 ex-Maersk VLCC vessels purchased in 2014. This will result in the company controlling world's fourth largest tanker fleet of a total of 1 V-Plus, 27 VLCCs and 23 Suezmaxes. In addition, Euronav has a stake in and operates two Floating, Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessels.

DEME owns and operates a fleet of over 80 main dredging vessels and additionally another 200 auxiliary vessels and specialised equipment. Versatility is a basic characteristic of this extensive fleet that is strong in every segment: in types and in sizes. This fleet is maintained, upgraded and modernized on day-to-day basis. In 2012, DEME completed two ambitious investment programmes started in 2005. In less than a decade, the Group has spent almost two billion euros on the extension, upgrading and modernization of its fleet.