Quality Policy

By means of the defined and documented Quality policy, the Management of STARNAV represented by the Manager provides the fulfillment of the quality objectives and meets the requirements for continuous improvement of QMS efficiency.

As a leading organization in crew recruitment and placement services and crew management, we undertake the obligation to always offer and develop services corresponding to the requirements of our Customer in terms of quality, professional execution and presence on the markets in the country. The fundamental of our activity and success is the protection of our Customers’ interests and complying with all other applicable requirements

The quality policy is defined and updated in the course of Management reviews, held under the directions of STARNAV Manager. The quality policy is regulated by the operating QMS and is documented in QM. It defines the objectives and tasks of STARNAV regarding the quality in perspective. The implementation of the quality policy requires every company employee to personally contribute to the fulfillment of the quality objectives set.

The quality objectives of STARNAV are determined on annual basis by the Management in the course of the execution of the “Management Review” QMS element, in conformity with p. 9.3 of QM.

The quality of work is a general requirement of STARNAV, by means of which the responsibility of each of our employees is determined.

The Management of STARNAV is fully aware of its commitment to develop and maintain the Quality management system in conformity with БДС EN ISO 9001:2015.

As a proof for our professionalism and for our competence in our work, as well as in the execution of the rights, delegated to us by our Customer for recruitment of seafarers, we undertake an obligation to:

  • Offer the best service to our Customer during the selection of seafarers;
  • Make sure only highly qualified, competent and physically fit seafarers are engaged to work on ships;
  • Secure our future activity by continual improvement of our QMS and of our work.

The application of our quality policy is based not only on the execution of existing rules, but on their continual improvement as well. This policy requires every STARNAV employee strictly and diligently to follow the rules, as well as to show initiative and responsibility.

Our quality policy is part of our QM and is made available to our Customer, to the applicants for Seafarers, to our suppliers and other relevant interested parties on our website http://www.starnav.eu

In my capacity of Manager, I require every employee to contribute personally for the implementation of our quality policy.


Petar Apostolov, Manager