EURONAV is a vertically integrated ship-owner, operator and ship-manager providing complete shipping services to its fleet of modern large tankers. Most of the vessels are operated within the Euronav managed Tankers International pool. In 2015 Euronav will take delivery of the last two of the 19 ex-Maersk VLCC vessels purchased in 2014. This will result in the company controlling world's fourth largest tanker fleet of a total of 1 V-Plus, 27 VLCCs and 23 Suezmaxes. In addition, Euronav has a stake in and operates two Floating, Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessels.

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ETO is required to join FSO located in Qatar in the end of November 2017. Rotation: 6 weeks on / 6 weeks off. Previous experience on FSO/FPSO is a must. Candidates must have good command in...
Company: Euronav
Posted: 08-Nov-2017
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APPRENTICE ENGINEERS are required to join Belgian flag vessels in December 2017. Duration of contract - 6 months. Diploma from Naval Academy or Technical University Varna is required. Candidates must have good command...
Company: Euronav
Posted: 16-Oct-2017
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ELECTRO-TECHNICAL OFFICER (ETO) is required to join Belgian flag VLCC in end of July 2017. Duration of contract - 3 months. An attractive salary after tax paid and Belgian social security package....
Company: Euronav
Posted: 27-Jun-2017
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CHIEF OFFICER is required to join a French flag VLCC in the middle of July 2017. Duration of contract - 3 months. Previous experience on oil tankers and minimum 3 years service in rank is a must....
Company: Euronav
Posted: 13-Jun-2017