Renewal (Revalidation) of STCW Certificates by means of Refresher Courses

An important feature of the Manila amendments is the additional emphasis given to the need for seafarers’ standards of competence to be maintained throughout their careers. Under the new rules all seafarers are now required to provide every 5 years evidence of appropriate levels of competence in some trainings. In this regard please find below the certificates presently being revalidated by means of a refresher course (provided that you have 1 year of sea service in the last 5 years):

- Proficiency in Basic Safety Training
- Competency in Advanced Fire Fighting
- Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boat
- Proficiency in Medical Care on Board Ship

For more information please visit the web sites of the training centres:

- Bulgarian Maritime Training Center - Varna

- Maritime College “St. Nicholas” - Burgas

- Naval Academy - Varna

- Navibulgar Training Center - Varna

- South Bulgarian Maritime Education Center - Burgas

- Technical University - Varna

- Training Center Marstar - Varna