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We are looking for a crew administrator on board DEME Vessel - Rotation 5 weeks on / 5 weeks off
Period: asap till end of January 2025
1) Send out invite for NOK and confirm NOK receipt 48hrs before crew/project boarding the vessel.
2) Perform helicopter safety induction for every outbound heli flight , same time weight passengers and luggage for heli cargo manifest.
3) Prepare CTV manifest if applicable.
4) Check if vessels manning ensures that the crew complement meets regulatory requirements and the operational needs of the vessel. Managing crew documentation and ensuring that all crew members have valid passports, visas, seafarer's identity documents, and other required certifications.
5) Arrange local / international travel logistics crew members and DEME project members. This may involve arranging flights, taxis, public transfer, crew transfer boats, helicopters, overnight stays onshore, etc. This in liaison with the local agent.
6) Arrange cabin planning in liaison with master , WM and catering.
7) Perform safety induction / project induction to new crew and visitors on board. 
8 ) Adapt following documents ad hoc , Crew list, COS, MLC rest hours, Heli manifest, GAR(Non-Eu flying with Heli), letter of invitation, lists affected by crew change  such as Musterlist, FRB team list , HLO team list , local and or project related documentation. Maintaining records, files, and important documents in an organized manner. ( Apollo is using Microsoft ACCESS )
9) Eyes and ears of the HRD.
10) Responsible for informing Vessel Management/WM with the resumes/Time To’s , availability timeframes, and certifications of newly recruited or deployed crew/project personnel before boarding.
11) Serving as a single point of contact between the crew and shore-based personnel, as well as between different departments on board the vessel. Facilitating effective communication to ensure that information is relayed accurately and in a timely manner. Contacts are but not restricted to :
a) Vessel Master
b) Vessel Work manager
c) Onshore crew coordinator(s)
d) TD ( ad hoc interventions )
e) Local agent 
f) Project MCC
12) Accommodate meal arrangements in liaison with Master/TD/Camp Boss for third parties during MOB/DEMOB/MR.
13) Crowd management in liaison with ISPS onshore unit during Port call/MOB/DEMOB/MR.
14) Handling sensitive information with discretion and maintaining confidentiality.
15) Providing general assistance and support to an individual crew member / project crew in various aspects of their personal and professional life such as help out crew with questions regarding training requirements / status of their certificates on the DEME server.
16) Keeping track of HRD appointments, meetings, events, and deadlines.
17) Addressing the welfare needs of the crew, including accommodation, meals, medical care, and recreational facilities. Ensuring that living conditions on board keep meeting health, safety, and hygiene standards.
18) Participating in emergency response drills
19) MLC : Ensuring compliance with relevant MLC regulations, related to crewing, employment, and personnel management.

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